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Keeping Your Home Safe During An Open House

Keeping Your Home Safe During An Open House

09 Mar, 2017  /  by smartsafeadmin

We’re betting that you’re not totally comfortable with the thought of a number of complete strangers walking through your home, opening your closets, and inspecting every inch of your home while you’re not there. That’s pretty much what happens during an open house for a couple of hours while you’re not home. So what’s to stop those potential homebuyers who are a bit more than curious from taking one of your prized possessions as they walk through your home and open your drawers and cabinets? A residential safe from Liberty Safe South Carolina.

Be Aware Of The Temptations

During an open house, the majority of visitors who will tour your home are trustworthy folks looking to buy a home. However, with full access to practically anything and everything in your home, you should never let down your guard when all it takes is a few seconds for a visitor to fall to temptation when they see something of yours that they want for themselves.

Thieves Want More Than Your Valuables

While you’re busy hiding all your valuables and heirlooms, be aware that theft is not just about tangible items that you value. Identity thieves will stop at nothing to find their next target, so be sure that your important documents and any other papers that include your personal information are located in a locked drawer or a residential safe from Liberty Safe South Carolina. Read more about Why Safes Have Been A Popular Item In Homes For Decades

Keep Your Valuable Safe From Theft

While preparing for your open house, here are a few ideas that will keep your personal items and valuables out of the hands of others.

  • Hide and lock away items such as bank statements, checks, passports, paperwork showing where you work, and important personal documents.
  • Lock your computer with a password.
  • Put away valuable heirlooms while your home is on the market.
  • Don’t display family photos.
  • Hide extra house and car keys.
  • Do not stash valuables in obvious places such as top drawers and jewelry boxes.
  • Hide personal calendars that might indicate when you’ll be away from home on appointments or vacations.


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Rely On A Liberty Safe

Invest in a high quality, Liberty Safe South Carolina to safely secure the following types of items:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Firearms, knives, and other weapons.
  • Prescription medicines and alcohol.
  • Valuable collections and keepsakes.
  • Small electronic devices such as tablets and phones.


Your Safety Starts With Smart Safes in North Augusta

At Smart Safes, we are here to help you with your security needs before you fall victim to theft. We invite you to stop by our large showroom at 1749 Knox Avenue in North Augusta, SC, or give us a call at 803-613-6139 to discuss your residential safe needs.


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