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Is A Safety Deposit Box The Best Choice For Safety?

Is A Safety Deposit Box The Best Choice For Safety?

27 Jan, 2017  /  by smartsafeadmin

We all have treasures. Possessions we don’t want to lose because of a fire or a home robbery. The instances of losing everything we own hardly ever occur, but it’s always best to be on the safe side with a Liberty Safe South Carolina. You’d rather be prepared for the worst and ready for the best. Many people choose to place their sacred possessions in a safety deposit box at the bank. This isn’t a bad idea, but it’s not a great one either. Not when there is a much better alternative with a residential safe from Liberty Safe South Carolina. Residential safes have been a popular item in homes for decades.

Instead of placing your items into a safety deposit box, consider using a Liberty Safe South Carolina at your business or residence from Smart Safes.

The benefits of having a residential safe are far-ranging. Easy access of a Liberty Safe South Carolina is one of the best reasons. You have the ability to remove or add personal items in your residential safe whenever you need to on a regular basis, without having to make a trip to the bank. When it comes to accessing a safety deposit box, you can’t just ask the teller to add something. You have to make arrangements with a manager to have the box brought to you. Another reason a residential safe from Smart Safes is a smart investment is that you know where your possessions are. They aren’t hidden in a bank vault alongside many others just like yours. You can keep an eye on those important items in your Liberty Safe South Carolina. Peace of mind is more valuable than anything else. Especially when it comes to your treasures!

So, why a Liberty Safe South Carolina? Well, Liberty Safe South Carolina residential safes have a wide collection of reliable storage for your most valued items. Liberty Safe South Carolina are available in different sizes, which helps you to find exactly what you need. In fact, there is a quiz you might want to take that helps you determine the size of residential safe you’ll need. All you need to do is contact Smart Safes, Liberty Safe South Carolina for more information. You never want to buy a residential safe or gun safe that is too small. One of the other benefits of a Liberty Safe South Carolina is how long they hold up against fire. The smaller Liberty Safe South Carolina are able to withstand fire for about half an hour. However, the larger Liberty Safe South Carolina, the longer they last against the flames. The biggest safe Liberty Safe South Carolina offers can last up to 2 hours submerged in the flames. This means that while you are waiting for the fire department to arrive, your most valued possessions are safe in a Liberty Safe South Carolina.

Yes, a Liberty Safe South Carolina is well-worth the investment. A Liberty Safe South Carolina has a life-time warranty on all sizes of safes. This Liberty Safe South Carolina warranty can even be transferred to the new owner, should your safe be switching hands. Liberty Safe South Carolina will also help out with parts, should the mechanism that locks the safe ever break. These are good features to include in your purchase, because you know that if something goes wrong, it will be taken care of promptly.

There is nothing more important than keeping what you love protected from unseen circumstances with a Liberty Safe South Carolina residential safe.

As an added bonus, here a list of everything you should keep inside your Liberty Safe South Carolina:

  • Identifying documents; passport, photocopies of all ID’s for every family member.
  • Emergency cash stash (including a coin collection if you have one).
  • A secondary credit card (that has been activated).
  • Any important phone numbers or contact information (family, lawyer, doctor, etc.).
  • A USB flash drive; important documents, family photos (anything else you wouldn’t want to lose).
  • Any jewelry with sentimental value (you don’t want to overcrowd your Liberty Safe South Carolina, but, if there is a ring that’s been passed down from generations, you might want to make sure it’s secure in your residential safe).


If you’re interested in learning more about the type of residential safe that would work best in your home, feel free to contact our team at Smart Safes today by phone at 803-613-6139 or through our online form.

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