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Choose The Best Gun Safe To Protect Your Belongings

Choose The Best Gun Safe To Protect Your Belongings

20 Mar, 2017  /  by smartsafeadmin

If you own a large number of valuable guns, or are just looking for a place to protect your valuables, you’ve likely investigated the possibility of purchasing a gun safe for your home. When shopping for gun safes, it’s critical to understand that all safes are not created equally, and it’s important to fully understand what you’re purchasing depending on the vendor that you’re working with. Read more about what type of gun fits my current lifestyle. At Smart Safes, we’ve been selling gun safes in North Augusta for quite some time and have seen a variety of customers come to us after purchasing an inferior safe from another safe dealer. In this blog we’re going to talk through what to look for in a high quality gun safe to ensure you’re property educated when and if you decide to purchase a new safe.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a New Gun Safe

Know where your safe is made

With manufacturing costs continuing to drop overseas, a large number of safe companies have started to move abroad to keep their costs low. While these safe companies may be able to keep costs down by going offshore, they’re also often degrading the quality of their safes and shipping jobs overseas.

At Smart Safes, we only sell safes that are made in the USA. This is why we work closely with Liberty Safes and Fort Knox, both great companies that are committed to manufacturing in the USA, and also keeping jobs here as opposed to shipping them halfway across the world.

Pay attention to fire ratings when shopping for a new safe

When you’re looking for a new gun safe, pay close attention to fire ratings. Some companies may claim that their gun safes are fireproof, which is simply not true. No safe is 100% fireproof. At Smart Safes we clearly state all of our fire ratings to ensure our customers are fully informed prior to purchasing a gun safe from us. As far as the safes we sell, Liberty Safes have been proven to handle up to 1200 degrees of heat due to fire, for up to 2.5 hours. Our Fort Knox safes are certified at temperatures up to 1680 degrees for 90 minutes.

Weight is a big factor when shopping for a safe

Keep a scale’s weight in mind as it can tell you a lot about the quality of the gun safe you’re purchasing. A quality safe will have solid steel walls, which weigh much more than flimsy sheet metal often seen with cheaper safes.

Interested in Learning More About High Quality Gun Safes?

If you’ve decided that you could really use a high quality gun safe in your home for your firearms and other personal belongings, learn why safes have been a popular item in homes for decades. The team at Smart Safes would be happy to help you navigate this often confusing buying process. Our staff has years of experience in the safe industry and would be honored to work with you to pick out a fun safe that will hopefully be with you for generations to come. To learn more about the safes we sell at Smart Safes, feel free to give us a call today at 803-613-6139.

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