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Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Gun Safe
20 Oct, 2016  /  by smartsafeadmin

Made to withstand fires, thefts, and drops from high places, you can expect the gun safe you purchase from Smart Safes to last forever. But while your heavy duty gun safe is keeping your valuables safe from harm and your loved ones safe from your guns, there's actually something you can do to help your ...

Certificate of Insurance…Be sure to ask.
14 Sep, 2016  /  by smartsafeadmin

All of us have probably heard the term “Certificate Of Insurance”. Smart Safes is proud to have liability¬†insurance and believe that this is as important as the Made In America residential safes we sell and stand behind. Moving a safe is a service that we provide. We have expert and professional safe movers and provide ...

05 Aug, 2016  /  by smartsafeadmin

Are you staring at your safe wondering how you are going to manage to move it? There’s a lot of risk in attempting to move a safe yourself. Not only do you risk damaging the safe, but also your home, and the contents of the safe are at risk as well. Even worse than material ...

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